About A Better Boston

What is A Better Boston?

A Better Boston is a newsletter focused on connecting people to the leaders and organizations working to dismantle white supremacy across Massachusetts.

A Better Boston aims to support the efforts of local leaders, not replace them. We serve in a supportive role hoping to connect more people to the leaders of color already at work.

Why Now? And Why Boston?

Two trends have stuck out to us:
  • A familiar but dangerous rise in ‘that’s horrible but it doesn’t happen here’ sentiment in Massachusetts
  • A lack of attention to the organizations and leaders fighting to dismantle white supremacy in Massachusetts

We wanted to create something that both shattered the ‘it doesn’t happen here’ mindset and connected people with specific ways they could participate locally.

The team

A Better Boston is run by Joe and Dan, two cisgender white men from Massachusuetts.

What gives you the right?

Nothing gives us the right to speak about the experiences of communities of color or to lead the fight against white supremacy, so we don’t.

A Better Boston is a project that serves to support the efforts of leaders of color and not replace them.

We believe that it is as much our duty to participate in the destruction of white supremacy as it is to combat our own biases. We believe that learning is not enough. Starting a newsletter focused on Boston area activism was within our limited set of skills and resources so we decided to do just that.

We're far from perfect, so if you think we can do something better, please email us at abetterbostonnewsletter@gmail.com