Despite their own progressive self image, Boston and Massachusetts are anything but: 
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A Better Boston is a newsletter focused on driving awareness to the activists, journalists, and community leaders working to make Boston better.

Our goal is to support them by connecting more people to their work.

Each week we bring you city and statewide stories, campaigns, and events impacting communities across Massachusetts. We provide a brief background of the issue, why it matters, and how you can help. 

Why Now? And Why Boston?

In the last year we have noticed a familiar but dangerous rise in ‘that’s horrible but it doesn’t happen here’ sentiment across Massachusetts.

We wanted to create something that both shattered the ‘it doesn’t happen here’ mindset and connected people with specific ways they could participate locally.



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Our previous newsletters have covered a wide range of social justice topics, from transportation justice, to police reform, to homelessness. You can find the complete newsletter library here.

Homelessness in MA
Every night a citizen spends without a roof over their head is a policy failure.
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The MA Policing Reform Bill
This bill was a mixed bag. It gave civilian oversight but didn't end qualified immunity or ban inhumane weapons.
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Press Pause on Facial Recognition
The ACLUM exposed how MA police were using the RMV's facial recognition system without external oversight
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"Rule-following, legal precedence, and political consistency are not more important than right, justice and plain common-sense." - W. E. B. Du Bois, Black Reconstruction 



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